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Timonium dry eye treatment

This is the time of the year when you’re most likely to develop dry eyes. There is no danger to your long term vision or ocular health, but you will probably notice some temporary symptoms that interfere with how well you see and that can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Here at Eye to Eye, we have treatment options for you, as well as advice on how to make adjustments to your lifestyle and home environment to lessen the effects of dry eyes.

Timonium dry eye treatment

Why does winter weather bring about more instances of dry eyes? For one thing, the whipping winds outside have a tendency to cause dryness. And when it’s cold, you heat your home and the indoor air lacks the necessary moisture. The result is that your eyes are robbed of the sufficient amount of theirs. Exposure to smoke, your own or that of others, is a problem in every season. You will be alerted to the fact that you might need our eye treatment in Timonium by indications such as blurry vision, eye pain, sensitivity to light, redness in your eyes, and a feeling as if something is in your eyes. You may also be suffering from dry eye syndrome, in which your eyes are not producing the needed amount and/or quality of tears to keep your eyes properly lubricated. Determining this requires tests that measure the quantity of your tears and the composition of them. This is only needed if there is good reason to think that the problem originates in your eyes, and not from outside factors. Otherwise, you will be given our eye treatment in Timonium after a standard eye exam. Artificial tears, regular or prescription strength, are the typical method. Surgery is only a last resort, and not necessary in most circumstances.

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