Optometrist in Towson

Optometrist in Towson

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Comprehensive eye exams in Towson

Add Eye to Eye Optometrist in Towson, we can give patients comprehensive eye exams during any of our convenient business hours, which are daily, Monday through Saturday. A comprehensive eye exam will involve a test for visual acuity, eye health, as well as a prescription if needed for eyeglasses, which depends on the level of correction needed.

Patients can choose from eye glasses or contact lenses at our optometrist in Towson office. Many people enjoy using contact lenses because of their ease and low visibility on the face. They’re convenient and once they’re put in, patients don’t have to worry about adjusting glasses all day long. On the other hand, many people prefer eyeglasses. Their prescription may require that they wear eyeglasses, or they may work in front of a computer for instance, but do not need eye glasses for working on the computer.

Eye exams should be done on a yearly basis, because eyes change over time and even some of the slightest vision changes may not be noticed until a vision test is performed. We do eye test exams for patients as well as staff a complete optical center onsite so our patients can buy glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and more. Prescription glasses can be made to fit your prescription and come in single vision, bifocal, astigmatism correction and progressive lenses. We make sure all of our glasses are high quality so that they last patients as long as possible, while still staying affordable. We carry prescription sports glasses as well as sunglasses and regular eyeglasses. Our goal is to provide all patients with the best in eyewear. Call our offices today to schedule your most current eye test with our optometrist in Towson and to ask questions or to see how we can help you today.

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