Towson emergency eye care

Towson Emergency Eye Care

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Eye to Eye is a Towson emergency eye care office treating patients who need immediate care. Our boutique is located in Timonium, and we offer a wide range of eyewear, eye care and eye essentials for all ages. Our office is staffed with knowledgeable and friendly staff members and with the latest in eye technology to give you the best results and care.

Some of our services include emergency eye care, adult and pediatric eye care, Lasik consultations and diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. We also can create specialty contact lenses. Call the office today for the best in Towson emergency eye care and eyeglasses. We’re sure that you’ll see the difference when you come to our offices and in the quality of care and eyeglasses. New patients can make appointments online as well as browse our website to learn more about our services. We also treat eye allergies. Eye allergies are common in many people. They can cause itchiness, dryness and red eyes. Allergies can happen due to a variety of different reasons. They can be environmentally related, or they can be due to issues such as allergies to pet dander. Our treatments aim to cure your eye allergies quickly and immediately so that you can feel comfortable again.

Eye allergies can be painful and annoying, but we know how to treat patients that suffer from these kinds of annoying symptoms. Our office is here to serve you as needed and when you are suffering from any type of eye allergy that is causing irritation or for the best in Towson emergency eye care. People who suffer from eye allergies usually have symptoms such as red eyes, itchy eyes and allergies from things like pet dander. Don’t wait to call today for your eye care appointment or if you’re having an eye emergency.

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